Scott Buzz

ScottJohn Scott Lee was born in Buck's County Pennsylvania and grew up in West Virginia 60 miles from Washington DC. His formal education in the field of Graphic Arts and Illustration began at West Virginia University upon the Award of a scholarship grant. His professional career as a freelance and professional designer began in Harpers Ferry WV. He continued to work and employ himself in Westchester CT. and on into Manhattan, New York, attaining the position of Art Director for an International Crystal Importer on 5th Avenue.

He spent many years working in the metropolitan area as well as meeting some of the great artists there. He was fortunate to become closely associated with Johnnie Vita the background artist for Bakshi Studios and many other television projects.

He was sent to Italy and Israel by the University of Maryland to join an archaeological team working multiple sites on the coast of Caesarea.

Scott spent several years working for Software AG America art directing their many marketing projects. This included multimedia, web support, graphic design, banner design and nearly all of their marketing materials.

Scott has been studying Macintosh and Microsoft applications fervently since the early 1990s and is trained in most graphics programs used in today's advertising campaigns. He has on the job experience pleasing multiple clients for placement agencies and a successful record of getting the job done even under tremendous deadlines. Scott has worked in excess of 80 hours in a single week to complete a project under deadline for a client.

Over the years, Scott has worked commercially as well as professionally in the DC metro area employing his talents in design while employing his keen eye for illustration. Scott has the advantage over other designers in that Scott can draw or illustrate just about anything. Storyboards, cartooning, architectural art, product illustration, Photoshop compositing and layout design.

He currently works from his design studio in the mountains of WV 60 miles from Washington DC/ Scott is always looking for the next big challenge or project to tackle. Versatile and motivated he is anxious to work with you. He is open to any full time or freelance opportunity you might have for him.